Saturday 13 April 2024

Todays sponsor – Drummond Golf 


Div 1; O Robertson 79-9-70


Ball winners; P Jones 74 C Roper 74 B Wright 75 D Farmer 75 L Paul 75 


Nearest The Pin;

5th – Sponsored by Expo Homes – K Pell

8th-  Sponsored by Charlie Walker – J Gilbert

12th- Sponsored by Courtside Cottage – O Robertson 

15th  – Sponsored by Euroa Pharmacy – Club

18th – Sponsored by Burtons Stores- D McIntosh


Drive and Pitch;

4th  –   Sponsored by Expo Homes – R Johnson 

7th – ​Sponsored by Castle Creek Motel – D Murphy 

11th- Sponsored by Ford McKernan Engineering – Club 

16th  –   Sponsored by Elders Euroa – Club 


2-Ball – L Paul O Robertson D Farmer 

Wednesday 10 April – Par

18 men

Div 1; C Walker (21) +1

Ball winners; D McNeur, M. Mills, S. Mills +1, P. Jones & W. Wright  square

Nearest the pins

8th Sponsored by D Bubeck; W. Wright

12th Sponsored by D Bubeck; P. McCarthy

18th Sponsored by Burtons; D. McNeur

Drive and pitch

4th (3rd Shot over 70’s) Sponsored by Club; C. Walker

17th Sponsored by Club; M. Mills

2 Ball Winner; W. Wright & P. McMahon $8.50

Swindle winner  Front 9;  W. Wright +1

Back 9;   Rollover $6

                               Overall;  W. Wright – $6