Adverse Conditions Policy


Heat Policy
Should the forecast temperature on the BOM website predicted for the Euroa area at 4pm on the evening before the day of competition be 40 degrees or more the competition times for that day will be adjusted such that start times will be from 6:00am to 9:00am only. 


The Club has a duty of care to its members and seeks to take a reasonable
approach to days of extreme heat.
Members who play at any time on days of extreme heat do so at their own
risk. Members are advised to take appropriate actions to prevent heat
stress, heat stroke, heat cramps and heat exhaustion.

Lightning Policy
Should lightning be in the immediate vicinity of the golf course the
Committee will consider the risk and if the situation is dangerous will,
in the interest of the health and safety of the players, suspend play.
When play is suspended by the Committee all players must
discontinue play.
Players may choose to mark then lift their ball, or leave their ball as it lies.
Failure to discontinue play on the advice of the Committee could result in
If play is resumed, it must be from where it was discontinued (even if
resumption occurs on a subsequent day), and players must proceed under
rule 6-8d.

Suspension of play due to lightning will be signalled by 3 blasts of the
siren – repeated. Players are to return to the Clubhouse until further
In the event of ANY OTHER DANGEROUS SITUATION the signal will be
one continuous blast of the siren. Players must cease play
immediately and return to the Clubhouse.