Procedure for Course Closure

Procedures for course closures

There are several reasons for occasional course closures or partial closures:

1.   Unplayable conditions.
In adverse weather, the condition of the course may give rise to closure of
the course usually because the course is too wet to allow play. After
particularly heavy rain, the Captains, in consultation with the Course
Director, will inspect the course and may decide that it is unplayable. In this
case the Captains should arrange for this information to be communicated to
members by email and/or social media.

Members without access to these means of communication should check
with other members to see whether the course is closed.
The “Course Closed” sign should then be put in place.
Electrical storms.
Players should leave the course should they become aware of lightning in
the vicinity and take shelter in the clubhouse. They may resume play when
the danger of lightning has passed.

2.  Scheduled maintenance of the course.
Scheduled maintenance of the course may cause closure of parts of the
course. The Greenkeeper and Course Director shall consult with the Captains
well ahead of the time of such closures, bearing in mind scheduled special
events. Players will be advised well ahead of such closures by the Captains.

3. Emergency or unexpected course maintenance
i.e. burst pipes or other unforeseen circumstances necessitating total or part
closure of the course. The Greenkeeper or Course Director may close
affected parts of the course in consultation with the Captains who will
arrange for golfers to be notified.

Please note
Golfers must always give way to course workers and machinery, until they
are called through by the operators or workers.”