Lighting of Fires on Golf Club Grounds – Policy

The Committee of the Euroa Golf Club Inc has determined that no fires should be lit on the Golf Club property without first obtaining the permission of the course director and when permission is given, any instructions must be strictly followed.

When permission is given, the person who lights the fire is responsible for:

– Registering the burn on the CFA Burn Off register by calling 1800 668 511 before lighting the fire

and must:

– Never leave the fire unattended

– Monitor weather conditions

– Have sufficient equipment and water to stop the fire from spreading and be able to extinguish the fire if needed

– Check fire restrictions in the area before lighting

Any person who lights a fire on the Golf Club property without obtaining permission or doesn’t follow instructions in this policy will be liable for any damage costs and/or fines that may occur.

Approved at the Committee meeting held on May 18, 2021.